About Us

          Russ’s Tire & Auto has been at it’s current location since the turn of the millenium, providing competitive, honest car-care to all walks of life.  Russ’s Tire & Auto is different from most other auto-shops in a few key ways

  • We offer customized, specifically for you service, that is, What is it exactly that you need? Is there some way we can help you that most shops wouldn’t consider? This is the goal we strive towards every day.

  • If it’s within our ability, we’ll drop you off or pick you up. If not, drop it off so you don’t miss anything from your busy schedule.  We know life can be hectic, it’s our goal to handle your transportation concerns, on a schedule that works for us all.

  • Saving $$$$$— Car troubles always seem to come at the worst time, so we specialize in finding the lowest price QUALITY parts around, savings we like to pass on to the customer.   

  • QUALITY— If it costs an extra $20, is it a good idea to spend it? How much longer is it going to last?  Extensive knowledge of what lasts how long and performs how well can be useful in a situation like this, specifically when it comes to your everyday safety and the life of your car.

    Come see the difference today!!!

    7146 Mt. Holly Rd.

    Charlotte, NC 28214